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Owner & Photographer

My name is Joshua-John, owner and creative director of Creative Vanguard Photography. I specialize in portrait, lifestyle, and event photography. My services are available across the state of Georgia and surrounding areas.

Before you can truly understand where I am today, let me first tell you briefly about my roots. I grew up in the soulful city of West Philadelphia in the fast-paced big city life that I will forever call home. Both of my parents were very artistic and strongly encouraged creativity growing up. My exposure to world travel and various arts at an early age quickly earned my attention.

I moved from Philly in 2007 at 16 years old to attend Morehouse College. While Philadelphia raised me, Atlanta has made me. During my matriculation, my fascination for photography and videography grew stronger. I slowly became known as the "designated picture guy" for everyone both friends and family. I coined the term "Friend-tographer" as my newly appointed position.

Fast forward 10 years later what went from a simple hobby has now become a flourishing business. I am blessed to be living out my passion daily and fulfilling my purpose in life. Not only is it my passion but utilizing my craft to create timeless memories has become my purpose. Helping to bring my client's visions to life, and be a part of their life story is what inspires me daily What you see today is a product of my faith in God and overall belief in my vision to use my creativity to impact the world. I love what I do, and I love even more the impact I am able to make on people’s lives through my work.